Friday, September 11, 2009

Geography Lesson

Just in case you dont know where Rhode Island (RI) is

my house
5 min walk to everywhere on the east side and 10 min downtown

first assignment Risd

So tomorrow is our first day of orientation.....yes freshmen orientation.
I'm a bit nervous but hey what do you expect.

Our first assignment via email
choose or make up a quote that answers that
"What are your expectations as you enter RISD?"

here is what I came up with

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.”

Dalai Lama

New house and some randoms

here she is! that's me on the second floor.
yep the whole thing, pretty sweet for a freshman......quiet possibly the east coast Louvre

Here is my front door



2nd bedroom

W/walkin closet
view out the closet window

Big kitchen
all new appliances! they're awesome

living room

dinning room

dinning room from kitchen

a cool bar cart i picked up at a consignment store

city picks from my hotel its about a 10 min. walk here but its a world away

providence ri

So ive been slacking on updates but im back to it and will be doing one at least once a week

here is a cool old building i saw today
took the pic with my new IPHONE....its awesome
used oldcamera app
looks pretty good!

Went to a midnight organ concert at brown the other night
pretty sweet getting all cultured and shit!

its the biggest of its kind