Saturday, August 30, 2008

Montclaire NJ

I have made it!!! i am officially on the east coast with all its glory!

After making it all the way from Colfax Iowa to Hermitage PA last night i have finally finished the first leg of my trip. with a stop in NYC to see my cousins.

All i had to do was avoid these fuckers hitchhiking off the freeway near Punksatony PA as well as the State troopers who where hitting up the speeders like it was going out of style. luckily though i made it through unscathed and with out a hitch and three books on tape later i have completed my virgin voyage cross country i didnt find myself or lose my self for that matter but ive done it now and i know what it is...and knowings half the battle

Go joe!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dem Convention

Listened to it on the radio and ill vote for this dude but i think all politicians are sketchy


After a long day of driving i decided to stop for the night in Colfax

not as far as chi town but its a good amount of progress and ill be in NYC for Saturday night on the town

im starting to feel like a local at comfort inns and i like it this is actually where i am tonight

iowa and gran max's

Iowa was cool too lots of the same but at least I'm thru that bit

a pretty sunset though

in case you where wondering "I Love America"

i also ate some gourmet food at grandmas Max's... it was so good i hit it twice. Now isn't that a loving face

thrusday 8/28 PART II NEBRASKA

In Nebraska there was lots to see...lots of nothing that is for 7 hours i saw this.....

once i got close to Lincoln the capital of Nebraska and the home to the corn huskers

it started to get a little better cause at least there was some action if that's what you wanna call traffic and road work.

thursday Aug 28

today i woke up in fort morgan with my travel buddy that i picked up along the way. Not very talkative but at least hes cheery
Once i got on the road after a short ride to walmart, yes walmart their everywhere. i needed some airborne after feeling a little tickle in my throat. this is what it looked like till i got into Nebraska

ft morgan WED 8/27

Tonight i made it to Fort Morgan in the NE of CO. after a 13 hour day and the plan is to get to Chi town tomorrow. another 13hour drive from the looks of it.

cause of this

ill be seeing a lot more of this.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

rockies and a new camera

i also made it thru the rockies today and i stoped in grand junction to get a new camera...thanks for the help bret.

here are the photos i got along that route


utah was awesome i was listening to "under the banner of heaven" the whole way thru which was cool cause it was all going on right where i was driving thru.

my plan of checking out Zion nt park didnt happen due to my late start but i got to see a lot of beatuful scenery to bad my camera broke and i couldnt get any photos but i promise you it was cool


i lost my camera and missed a ton of photo ops in vegas which was my first stop and for my virgin trip it lived up to all the hype....i felt like they where gonna do a CSI episode about me.

I even ate at myself awesome that places sucks and it really sucks alone

road trip

so i started my road trip on Tuesday august 26 2008 out to Maine to begin my life of wood widdledom.

the trip was delayed a little bit by a late delivery but it has been smooth sailing ever since. as you can see i got all my gear loaded up and am looking urban yet beach bum at the same time